Need help with project

Hi guys,

I am new with arduino and coding. I'm trying to make this infrared sensor that basically detects a moving object (that is equipped with an IR LED). So far, I tried using a XC4524 as the infrared sensor, but it detects every object that is front of it. (I also use electric tape to make sure it only detects the front, not the sides. It also detects 5cm in front of it. I am trying to make it detect the object with a range of at least 1m or 2m.

I bought a 5mm Infrared Receiver (ZD1952) as well, thinking that may help with this, but I'm not sure. I really don't know which I should buy honestly.

Can anyone help figure out the equipment? And possibly the coding for this?

Thanks guys.

For detecting something moving you need a PIR sensor, with a multifacetted lens which focuses onto a multi-element sensor.


Hi Allan,

does it detect only infrared led? or does it detect any object? thanks

Any moving heat source.

In fact the IR led may be too high a frequency - try it.

In which case a small light bulb under-run so it's hardly visible may be a better source.