Need help with pulse counting from kwh meter and displaying unit used..

Hi guys am a beginner to arduino, am currently engaged in making my own pulse counter read from kwh meter with pulse out put, am not sketching highly advanced and complicated coding,i just want to read no of pulses and display electrical unit (kwh) and multiply that unit with govt unit price and display it in i2c lcd, and a push button for resetting the count after every 2 months...

Technical Details :
right now am testing the pulses from Multi function meter where pulse weight and duration can be adjusted,am having both audible and visual confirmation that pulse is working,thru a buzzer and a led connected to meters pulse input and output, but the arduino uno is intended to be used from direct load ( SDM72DR ) bought from aliexpress , untill it arrives i have no way of testing other than my MFM meter, the SDM72DR has 1000 pulse /kwh, so at 1kw load ill be having approx 16 pulses every minute at 3.7 sec interval between each pulse, am using interrupt method to achieve this which i saw from youtube, so far the sketch looks better and am getting out put but the rest of the counting sketch and multiplying sketch and display sketch am not sure how to use it,

I have also attached user manual and my project demo!

i also have all components need for the project only lack skill to develop it, can someone help me complete the full sketch that are required?

Am willing to Help anyone by paypal amt whatever i can...
thank you...
My circuit and sketch here :

const int logInterrupt = 1;
volatile unsigned long wattSensor = 1;
volatile unsigned long old = 1;

void setup(void)
pinMode(logInterrupt, INPUT); attachInterrupt(logInterrupt, interruptHandler, RISING); Serial.begin(9600);


void loop(void)
{ if ( (wattSensor == 0) & (old != 0) ) { Serial.println("Test Pulse!"); }else{ Serial.print(".") ; } old = wattSensor; wattSensor = 0; delay(100);

void interruptHandler()
{ wattSensor = wattSensor + 1; }

Eastron SDM72DR user manual V1.0.pdf (712 KB)

Hi john2016,

Looks like an interesting project. See my PM.