Need help with RGB strip connectors

Hi all! I'm pretty new to the Arduino scene (particularly on the electronic side of things) and stumbled across something that has been bugging me for a while.

I have this RGB strip which was given to me as leftovers from a project. While I intended to wire it up and test it, most wiring diagrams I find are either with 4 connectors (voltage, R, G and B) or with 3 connectors
(voltage, data, ground). My problem is that my connectors are labeled (from top to bottom) B, R+, G.

I figured the Red input matched the voltage input, but that didn't feel like it made much sense since I (think I) wouldn't be able to control the red values ¯(ツ)_/¯

I haven't yet tried to adapt certain wiring setups I found using MOSFETs mainly because I haven't yet purchased any, though intend to. I was hoping someone more proficient in the field could lend some help regarding this. Sorry if it's a simple question and I'm just missing something obvious :-[

As for any info about the strip itself, I have no clue about anything. Don't know the name, the type, not even the voltage it needs to run. It was given as is.

Hope someone can share some expertise. Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum.

At the moment no one on here knows what LED strip you have, so will struggle to give a meaningful answer. Please read the sticky at the top of every forum 'how to use this forum' and please post a photo of what you have and maybe a part number or link to where you got it from, anything that makes it clear what you have. There are some clever folk on here but I've yet to encounter anyone that can read minds.

First off, thank you for the reply.

The pictures I attached are exactly what I got completely unmodified. Unfortunately there are no signs of part number nor brand (at least not specifically written, though I don't know if there are other ways of spotting this). I don't actually have the contact of the person who gave this to me since it was really just a leftover from a project that was randomly given away free of charge. I sincerely hope this reply doesn't come off as useless. I've researched quite a bit to no avail and am really working with all I have :frowning:

Thanks again.

edit: Pictures failed to upload. Here's a link to them in my google drive.

And we still have no idea what that strip is - it is one seriously weird specimen!

I’ve seen the photos and, sorry, I don’t know what it is. I have a suggestion. If you don’t get any more helpful answers then treat it as being neopixels, connect 5V to the outer connections and data to the centre and see what happens. LED tape is not expensive, if you trash it or just can’t use it does it really matter?

If that’s a strand of wire running along the side with “B”, then it looks like you may have rare form of common cathode RGB LED. Most likely 12V. If it’s not a wire, then I have no idea.

I wanted to show the pictures here in the thread, but he has put them on Google Drive which makes them deliberately obfuscated to prevent this. :astonished: