Need help with rotating wooden stir inside a pan

This is a fun project I have a frying pan(cooking). I want to rotate a wooden stir inside it at constant interval(every 20 seconds) What is the best way to achieve this?

Stand in front of the stove, with the stick in one hand, and the handle of the pot in the other. Every 20 seconds, move the stick around.

Thanks for the reply
How can I achieve it using arduino?
Do I need to use servos?

sancusa: Thanks for the reply How can I achieve it using arduino? Do I need to use servos?

Probably not servos, unless you mean the kind that can rotate continuously. Probably some sort of gear motor, as the contents of the pot may be viscous, so you'd want some torque. In my lab we have magnetic stirrers - a motor turns a magnet under the (usually a hotplate) surface, and a teflon coated magnet sits inside the vessel and spins, stirring the contents.

How can I achieve it using arduino?

Well, you could put a wave shield on the Arduino, and have it chant Stir, Stir, Stir at the appropriate time/pace.

Are you looking for someone to build an automated stirrer for you? If so, you need to provide a lot more details. What size is the pan? How wide? How high? What are you stirring? What role will the Arduino play?

I would use a stepper motor + uln2003 driver + arduino nano. I'll email you the sketch. If you need it. Motor outside the oven. I guess it's understood.

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The code part of this is so simple.. (it doesnt need to be asked)..

Really what you are looking for (and asking IMO).. is for a mechanical solution.

The physical/mechanical parts that will:

  • hold the wooden spoon
  • some sort of mated/geared pieces
  • jig to hold everything away from and over the 'boiling water' pot.

I don't understand "rotate it at a constant interval". You mean … every 20 seconds you want the spoon to rotate once? You want the spoon to complete one rotation every 20 seconds?