Need help with rs485 module

Dear Friends

good day to you all, i would like to ask a question - i saw some tutorials on the web on building a network of arduino with industrial level application.

now i am facing a problem - apparantly the modules i bought are USART to RS485 modules

and its not the same module that i saw on the tutorials :slightly_frowning_face: :cry:

and i have looked around on some libraries but couldnt find anny with this module. so please any one i need help.

Do you need a library ?

It looks to me as though serial data goes into one module, across the link and out as serial data from the other module. The communication between the modules will be invisible to the Arduino.

Have you tried the simple approach ?


Hi wolf4ce

Interesting issues. Serial communication from point to point. or points to points.
point to point would normally be connecting TX to RX and vice versa (arduiono to arduino)
If you want more distance you could use RS232 or RS485 electrical interface.

For points to points you would normally need some kind of a control of who is the sender .
Normally rs485 driver circuits has some kind of driver controls to make the controller(arduino) select if in sending or recieving mode.

It seems like the circuit you have bought is meant to do the switch from send to recieve itself. Normally this may be obtained if sending out a '1' sets the driver in a hi impedance mode.

So its time to test these fine elements !! :slight_smile: