Need help with Seeed Music shield and fixed MusicPlayer 1_7


I was finally able to get the Seeed Music Shield v1.0 to play mp3 with the help of this group but I am having trouble getting it to behave correctly. I am using the examples in MusicPlayer1_7.
I want to send song requests and have it play each request one time.
(like a juke box)
I am getting strange results. For example:
I request song1.mp3 and it plays.
Then I request song2.mp3 and it plays. (so far so good)
Then I request song1.mp3 again and they both play.

I have tried both examples and it happens no matter if I use the addToList example or the playWithName example.
Maybe I have the mode set wrong?
I would think playing different songs one at a time would be a no brainer with any device but