Need help with servo 2 channel

I have Minertia servo type UGFMED-B5LIB62 and I use it to control hand of bicycle for balancing, But I don't know How to use this servo for arduino because it have 2 channel.$file/KAE-C249-30B.pdf

This servo have 2 encoder, It use seperate for CW and CCW. I don't know how to use this servo.

Have any code for this servo?

Did not see your exact motor, you probably have a "quadrature encoder" which has 2 phases so you get information on both speed and direction at the same time. This is a normal encoder that works with Arduino Motor Shield.

Does your Mitsumi encoder have these wires ? Black Ground Red +5 v White Phase A Green Phase B Shield Ground

If so you are ready.

Yes, It have 5 wire.

, but I want to know how to use this servo? Have code for arduino for control this servo?

That device really isn't a servo. Its a motor that provides position feedback. Apply power, and count the encoder pulses. Turn power off when the motor gets to the correct spot.

You'll need a motor shield to manage the "apply power", in the right direction, part, and you'll need to read the encoder output to determine when you have arrived at the right position (relative to where you started from).

There is code on the playground for reading encoders.