Need help with severino

Hey people i am sid.

i am trying to make arduino severino which is given in sketches on arduino website.. i managed to catch hold of the part but unfortunately i got only 12mhz crystal in place of 16 as mentioned.. what do you say people? will it work? or do i have to find 16 mhz one only?

please reply asap my project is on hold :)

You will need a 16Mhz or lots of code will not work properly and all timings will be wrong.

If the project could manage with 2Mhz then you could use the internal oscillator (just do a quick search for it), then you wouldn't need a crystal.


Thanks mowcius for the pretty fly reply :)

another thing i wanted to point out... on the parts list its written 100uH inductor but the code given is (silver)brown black brown golden.i.e 10uH

(hope i am not wrong)

can someone help me to clarify what it ACTUALLY is?

Yeah sorry, can't help you on that one...


Man atmega 28p3 package mean? on mine after ATMEGA8 8pu and 8pi is written..will it work the same way? hope theres no significant difference (sorry sounds lame question)

i know it should work the same way but just confirming...

brown black brown

is 100

sorry my bad.. never used inductor before.. thanks a ton man.. saved confusion

i am using 16.98mhz crystal.. will it be fine?

also i dont know the use of RIGHT angled DX9 9pin female connector.. why cant one use straight one? i got the straight one only anyways will update if it works (hope the pin mapping is the same)

It might work but the timings will still be slightly out.


that crystal wont work as its written here

16.000MHz. That's pretty darn precise. And exactly the value needed to run an ATmega8/168/328 microcontroller at Arduino-compatible frequency!