Need Help With SoftwareServo Library

I am having difficulty getting SoftwareServo to work properly.

Multiple write statements just move the servo a few degrees in either direction but never to the position specified. (Yes I included a delay time for the servo movement)

I have tried using several different pins.

Arduino.h has been added to the SoftwareServo.h file so I am not getting compile errors. All hardware has been tested with other sketches.

Arduino IDE (V1.0.5). Arduino Uno Generic micro servo [No other devices attached during testing]

Timer1 is being used by HW and can not be changed.

My plan is to share Timer2 between a servo and a buzzer. Both will not be used at the same time. I want to attach the servo, move it, then detach it so that Timer2 can now be used by the buzzer. The servo is not load bearing, so maintaining its position after use is not an issue.

Any code or servo library that uses Timer2 and will allow me to attach/detach the servo will suffice.

Thank you for your help!


The servo does not turn to the center point, or any other predictable position.

There is a SevoTimer2 library.

I think I downloaded my copy from here