Need Help with Stepper for Rolling Bookcase/Door

I have constructed an 8ft tall moving bookcase/hidden door that rolls on wheels on a cement floor. I have already constructed guide rails that keep it from "walking" in and out. I have connected steel cables to the top and bottom - one set to pull open and one set to pull close. With pulleys I have directed these two pairs of cables to a common point (in the attic) where I plan to mount the motor. The cables come straight up vertically to the motor position. My though was to use chain on the motor and connect the cables to the end of that chain (I have attached turnbuckles to the cables to enable adjustment).

As I said I have already constructed this and using a pulley and weights in place of the motor have measured that it takes 32lbs to move the door in each direction. The door travel is about 46-48 inches. I would think I would like it to open in about 3 seconds. As this bookcase will have some fragile things on it I would like it to start slow and accelerate.

So while I am a newbie at this I am a software guy who has an EE degree from 40 years ago so I can handle the math but I need some help on where to start. I have tried a few stepper sizing programs and it seems that a belt drive with a 90 degree orientation makes the most sense. But...

I am not sure how to decide on direct or geared drive etc, Where should I start?

Thank you in advance.

I suspect a low-geared DC motor would be a better choice. You could have a microswitch at each end to limit the motion.

To be honest there may be no need for any microprocessor.


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