Need help with switch type

I am looking for a switch or trigger. I don’t know the name of a device to lookup or even if it exists. Here is the example for the needed piece …

1 way single line trigger that only contacts one time. Not a momentary button. It needs to just complete the contact for a short time. Like when a door or drawer opens, it will just contact quickly less than 1 second when opened, but not contact again when closing. Maybe slide across a contact point one way, but not the other. I have tried a vibration switch, but it makes contact again when drawer or door is closed again.

Opening… Off - on(just a quick contact) -
Then closing… off - off

I am a newbie, and I apologize for my lack of technical terms. Any help would be awesome. It needs to be mechanical and not a power needed switch. Only the ground wire will be used. Off-ground complete shortly-off- no contact when returning to original state

I think you're looking for some sort of "leaf switch" (Google images).

Since you are asking this in an Arduino form, perhaps the Arduino software could just ignore a second pressing of the switch.


Perhaps you are correct. It may not be an Arduino direct issue. I am using an Arduino, however the trigger cant be used by the software directly. I just had no where else to turn. I am looking into the leaf switch option too.

Thanx for the suggestions. I think a tilt switch properly placed will do the trick. The ball will connect both contacts and roll back open movement.

I really do thank you all for the amazing responses. I love this forum!!! I have learned so much from you all.

Two switches... the order in which they're pressed tells whether you're opening or closing the drawer. The time it takes can tell you whether the person is angry (slams close the drawer) or not.

One switch... placed in a way that it's pressed when the drawer is open (it doesn't matter it remains pressed; you react on change, not on state).

Many more options for switches and drawers, it all depends on what you're actually trying to accomplish.