Need Help With Temperature Sensor

Hey there, I am completely new to arduinos and I need help with a project of mine. I have some water flow rate and temperature sensors I need to figure out how to collect data from. I’ve managed to gather data on the flow rate, but I haven’t found anything that would help me with the temperature sensors. Unlike most of the tutorials I’ve found online, my sensor only fits two wires instead of 3. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? In the photo, the temperature sensor is on the right.

Where did you get the sensor ?

and do you know it's "name" / spec sheet?

Here is a link to a Walmart page with the name and specs: Robot or human?

That will be it then , “NTC temperature “ .

I got it off alibaba

read about Thermistors

your link gives some important data:

Resistance 50k Ohms at 25deg. C
B Value 3950K at 25/50 deg. C
Temp. Range:-40-+150℃

then you can find tutorials

Thanks mate, I’ll give em a read

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