need help with the coding

I am looking for any help i can get with writing the code to send information from the arduino uno to the 2.8" TFT touch shield.
Right now i don't have any code done for this, i am new to the arduino platform.
As far as what information i want to send to the touch shield i would like to send a start/stop menu and also to display results from doing test's. If you need anymore information let me know.

Thank anyone that can help me out

pleas add some clear meaning to your theme title (edit first post).
so people know what your question is about.
if done a quick search - and found this Shield:
pleas link to the thing you really use - so other can check what is all about.
and on the site i have linked is a demo code...
so it would be good to check out if you can get it to run...

sunny greetings