Need help with the programming


I am working on a project "stopwatch" for a timing system for race. The stopwatch accuracy required is hundredth of a second (.01 seconds)

example: (2 places for minutes, 4 places for seconds) The project needs to have start/stop/reset functions that can be user controlled. Start/stop functions also need to be able to take inputs from the sensors (which is the very important).Everything will run off of 12VDC using batteries On this project where sensor is broken timer starts, and when the final sensor is broken timer stop and displays the time and resets the timer for the next lap.

The project requires to store and retrieve lap time for later.

As far for the parts I am using Micro controller- arduino mini pro 8MHz, 3.3 v Display: serial Graphic LCD from spark fun Xbee: xbee to send data wirelessly from the two sensor Sensor: IR sensor


I saw quite a few statements there, but no question.