Need help with tone() *Urgent*

So baiscally I've recently discovered that the tone function renders pin 3 practically useless is it's running a DC motor. Thing is I am using a 3pi robot which utilises pin 3 to run a motor.

In short I need to have tones playing then stop, then have motor 2 run.

Any Idea how to remove tone() after calling it so that it won't disrupt pin 3?

Is there some form of detach code?

Have you tried calling noTone()?

Is it possible to connect the motor to a different pin?


After every note is played I call noTone(19) as pin 19 is the pin I am using on the 3pi.

Nope, no way to move the motor without ruining the entire robotic platform.

How about changing the tone.cpp so that timer 1 is used before timer 2