Need help with TX RX and I2C

Hi guys!!!

Well I will expose my problem quickly. I have to "connect" arduino yun with the crius all in pro v2(it's an imu a flight controller for quadcopter) , I decide to connect through TX and RX but I found that SoftwareSerial took as parameter only interger and the ports of the crius are strings like TX2 RX2 so it gives me error then I decide to use I2C but nope nothing happen :confused: :confused: , could someone help me with this problem , with some code or just a website where I can learn something else.

thanks. :slight_smile:

Pin 0 (RX) and pin 1 (TX) on the Arduino Yun board are used for communication between the ATmega32U4 (the Leonardo part of the Yun) and the wifi/linux/OpenWRT module. That is the famous "Bridge" :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't understand the rest of your post :sob: