Need help with uno and gprs to control irrigation pump

I need help with a project that will allow me to control an irrigation system such as turning the pump on and off and getting a message if the pumps loses pressure or turn off. I have the uno and gprs shield but not sure how to program anything.


Please describe what specific hardware you have. How much time is allocated for the project?

I am currently working on an irrigation system for another client in Denver, and finished a second in south Africa. Both use a combination of WIFI and GPRS through GSM to control and report data back.

Take a quick look at my website to see the sort of projects that I am and have been working on.

If you think I am a good match for the skills that you are looking for on this project then please feel free to drop me a PM or email with any questions.

Cheers Pete.

Hi spnrb8,

I believe that I can help you out as well, I have a lot of pump and fluidics control experience, as well as SCADA/HMI and client/server applications.

Check out my linked-in profile for some insight and ideas: