Need help with Uno, no experience at all

We’re doing an exam project, and we need YOUR HELP!
Our project involves putting a time limit on showers, with an alarm going off when the time has reached a certain time limit. We have been suggested using the Arduino Uno for this project, but we have absolutely no experience when it comes to programming Arduinos, and we are very limited on time. That is why we are asking for your help, as we need someone who can guide us in programming the Arduino Uno to use for our project.

If anyone is willing to help, we would appreciate if it can function like this:
when the water is let through the tube, a button is pressed, which starts the timer connected to the Arduino, keeping the timer running until the button is released. If the timer surpasses the time limit, an alarm will go off. If the shower is turned off, the timer should reset after 3 minutes, otherwise it should keep going on the current time.

I hope you would like to help us, despite the fact that we are pretty much asking you to do the work for us :slight_smile:
If not, then we would at least appreciate if you could provide us with links for tutorials or something similar.

What you need to learn in the first place, is programming in C++.
Are you willing to start that project? Then you can handle the project pretty much on your own.


Here are two links that might help:

Good Luck!

Our project involves putting a time limit on showers,

I think weather control is beyond the powers of an Arduino.

Get yourselves a solenoid from a washing machine and have Arduino turn on the water with a press of a button. the valve should be connected after the shower valve but before the head. Then just use delay(). I can’t remember what the maximum delay is, you might have to do a for loop.
for (int x = 0, x < 3, x++) {
} // 3 minute shower, 0 1 2
then have arduino turn off the valve and go into another timed loop to prevent people from hitting the reset button when they want a longer shower.