Need help with using amplifier with mono speaker. (PAM8302)

We are building an arduino alarm clock and we need a sound to be played. Currently we have a speaker but the sound is not loud enough. To fix this, we bought an amplifier but we do not know how to use it. We believe that we have assembled this correctly, but we do not know how to attach it to the breadboard that is connected to the Arduino. Is extra coding needed to get the amplifier functioning? Any help would be appreciated.

What does the instruction manual or data sheet for the amplifier suggest to do?


You can do a quick-test of the amplifier by touching the input with your finger. You should hear a 50/60H hum/buzz from the speaker (from electromagnetic your body picks-up from the surrounding power lines).

A better test is to connect it to you computer or iPod/phone, etc.

You can also make a simple test program with the tone() function to test the hardware and connections. If tone() works and your program doesn't, you know you've got a bug in your sketch.