Need help with using LCD & HC05

Hey all,
well I need help with my HC05 and LCD display 16x2.
I'm doing an project that I need to show from the LCD display (my score, lets say some number that counting+1 every shot) to the HC05 Bluetooth (to my phone),
so I can see the score through my phone too and not only from the LCD Display.
how am I doing it? I'm stuck here...
Thanks! :grinning:

You are "stuck" very early.

learning programming is a bigger task than

"can somebody post the cheat-code for the platinum-level of game xy?"

So as help to help yourself:

look up these demo-codes download one try to compile and then come back with questions.

This forum is for programming questions. If your question is

"can somebody write the whole code for me" you have to change to the "gigs and collaboration-sub-forum"
but be prepared to pay hard currency for it.

In this forum the "payment" is showing some own effort to drive up the learning-curve.

best regards Stefan

I need to show from the LCD ....... how am I doing it?

Not very easily, and your premise is nonsensical. You imply that the LCD is a source of data. This is rubbish. It can only receive data. If, by some chance, the LCD is already receiving data, you can check this by looking at it, you can then send the same data to your phone with a
command, and connect HC-05 to the serial port.

You might find the following background notes useful.