Need Help with Wristband for UV detection

Hi, everyone!

I am not a CS student, I am a manager student. For my business education purposes, I need to develop some kind of a "prototype" of a wristband for UV detection. Some people told me that it is a nice idea to try Arduino for prototyping (even though it does not let to make a real wristband, I will be able to use such a prototype to explain to my "clients" how the device should work in the ideal world).

Anyway, I need a help with developing some basic kind of a prototype that has an UV-sensor, a sensor of water immersion, battery, and Bluetooth-module. As I see it, this "prototype" should be able to measure UV radiation and send this info to a server where all the further calculation will be done (and at the very end a message "Apply a sunscreen" will be sent to a smartphone, but I don't need this part so far). I believe I could learn Arduino and do it on my own. But unfortunately, this project is time limited and I do not have enough time to learn everything.

Basically, I have two questions. 1) Is it true that Arduino is a nice tool to make such a prototype quickly? 2) I am not sure if I can look for someone who would like to make this project for me (for some reasonable reward, I suppose). However, if I can, is there anybody who can help me? If I cannot, where can I find a nice place to do it?

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  1. Yes, it is.
  2. Are you interested in a ready-made prototype, or in a schematic, description and tested firmware?
  1. Thank you
  2. I am interested in a prototype that can detect UV and send this data to the computer, so I could show how it works to my professor. I do not need a final product. I believe that a massive structure of breadboard, Arduino Uno (or any other), sensors, wires everywhere, etc. will be enough. Well, with some code, obviously. I am not sure if it is called ready-made or schematic.

The question was whether you want someone to assemble a prototype for you, or you can do it yourself, according to the instructions that will be prepared for you?

If you will satisfied with the second option - PM me, i'll hrlp you

Even as prototype it can be made wearable. Arduino Pro Micro, BT module & UV sensor soldered straight to it, 3V button cell to power it. Not waterproof of course. Should do the job to demo the idea. With a little more time could consider implementing it on an ATtiny, even smaller.

How complex are those calculations? Isn’t it a straight exposure x time? That an Arduino can do easily. No need for a server. Just keep track of the totals, and send these numbers regularly to a phone or computer for logging & deciding on whether it’s time to apply sunscreen.