Need help writing code for a project

I'm currently in a digital electronics class and I was given an assignment in which I'm required to make a program for an arduino uno that uses a parallax 2-axis joystick to input a code (such as Up, Down, Left, Right) that will turn on an LED when input correctly. I'm very new to programming and I have no idea how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

You can find that in Arduino library or Arduino playground, with some editing, it's easy more than you think anyway this is the same project as you want look here and this is the code

Download the newest Arduino IDE (that is the software development environment), and connect the Arduino Uno. In the Arduino IDE are a many example. Try the basic example to blink a led, and try to make it blink faster and slower. The Arduino Uno has a led at pin 13, that is can be used for that.

If you have that working, just try a few other things. You learn along the way.

Thanks for the tips. Hopefully they'll come in handy.