Need help..!!

Hi all. i am newbie on arduino. i am using arduino due atmega328. curruntly i am working on my project. i need little help guyz. i am making a robot which will sense the color i.e RGB. my project is that when sensor sense color i.e RED .so it will say RED. can any one help me that how can i use sound or audio files with arduino how can i play them. please its urgent. i am using color sensor TCS230.

i am using arduino due atmega328

You're using a what?

i mean i have arduino due mega kit bro kindly help me . thanks

i have arduino due mega kit

Do you have a Mega or a Due? (neither of which has a 328 processor)

its arduino Duemilanove bro.

Easy part first - get an MP3 player card that the arduino can control.

Then get a color sensor module to detect colors

Get each to work & go from thereā€¦

The sensor without the 'shield' performs poor - due to lack of control of incoming light! works OK..

thanks so much :) .. m really thankful to u both .. (Y).