Need Help!

  1. How to connect a second sensor on adafruit?

  2. Why is it that while running the program the adafruit power led keeps blinking?

  3. What is the middle pins on adafruit used for? (Picture attached)


Hi, welcome to the forum.

This is the motor shield :

1 ) Which sensor ? There are so many sensors with many different kinds of interfaces.

2 ) Blinking ? That's not right. How do you power it ? Is it still blinking when you disconnect all motors ?

3 ) The middle pins are to solder components, like sensors, or a mosfet, or more leds. It is called a "prototyping area".

1) I want to connect two IR sensors on a RC car. Back sensor and a front sensor. I have connected the front sensor with the adafruit but I don't know how to connect the second or back sensor. Please help me with this. :(

2) The power is through 9V adapter. If we place the RC car on a surface and run the program, the led keeps on blinking and the RC car doesnot move properly but when we take the RC car away from the surface (say, on air) and run it then the power led is bright and even the motors runs fast. :(

1 ) Which IR sensors ? can you give a link to them ? And which library or code do you use for the IR sensors ?

2 ) The motors seem to require more current than the power supply can supply. Can you get a power supply with more amps ? Do you know the maximum current of the motors (the stall current). The Adafruit motor shield should be able to handle that amount of current. When the stall current is too high for the Adafruit motor shield, you might need a stronger motor driver.