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Hello, This is my first time posting in this forum. Im kind of new to arduino. Im using arduino as my controller for my project BUT, i have zero knowledge about the programming. ABSOLUTE ZERO Kind of needing you guys guidance.

Android--->Arduino--> DC motor

My degree is depend on this project :(. So basically i would like to create a system where i can control the direction of the dc motor. There are three criteria that i need to achieve, forward reverse and stop. By using android as the medium to control, the bluetooth will act as the bridge between the MCU and the phone. For example when im giving an input of 1, the motor rotates clockwise, when 2 the motor rotates anticlockwise and when 0 is given, the motor stops.

Its been a week since im searching in the internet. There`s a few that gives a little boost for me but didnt help much. ive followed the step and some of em works like charm but again i cant undersand a thing. i havent sleep 2 days in searching for it. :disappointed_relieved:

Theres a tutorial where arduino is combined with the motor controller IC 293. BUT, the thing is im using Arduino UNO, dc motor 12v 2amp, and a motor shield of 2AMP consist of 298 IC, Bluetooth HC-06 module. when i upload the setting to the arduino, it wont do a thing. kinda giving me a headache :(

Bunch of threads ive been read. From googles, Instructables and many more :o please guys.. HELP........ HELP :( :sob: :sob: :sob:

when i upload the setting to the arduino, it wont do a thing.

What "setting"?

Lots Lots of different setting... for example this one

wondered how do u guys understand what to write :relaxed:

before i forget, the closest thing to my project is this.. but the owner just post a video of it without description and information :(

What is your degree, and how long have you been studying it?

What experience do you have with electronics, programming, arduino, hardware?

Have you been taught C++ ?

Tom… :slight_smile:

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did you miss this ?

have a quick read. pay particlar attention to #6

nevermind. thanks to all have benn replied and viewed. got the coding thanks alot