Need Help


I am a beginner in Arduino world. I needed a small help.
Will be grateful by your help.

I want the full program pls.

I needed a program to control 4 leds with 4 different type of strobe.

Please Help.

Thank you.

Hello and welcome.

This forum is for people who want to learn to create programs and circuits for themselves. Here they can get lots of free advice and help.

If you do not want to learn and want someone to write a program for you, you can ask for this in the "Gigs and Collaberations” section of the forum. To find someone there who will write the program for you, you may need to offer to pay them for their service.

Good luck.

Beginner. Small help. Want full program. Lol.

What items do you have and have you made anything or tried anything yet?