Need Help

Hi All,

I am very very new to Arduino. I have been playing with the basic commands and leds. I would like to make a project, but i am not sure if this is even possible or what parts i need to get.

i want to control my AC FAN. i want to turn it on at time to be set by me and to be off at a time set by me.

perhaps i can input the off and on time via a keypad and buttons.

do let me know how i can go about it. like what kinda parts i need to buy, rtc etc

i already have 1 Arduino Uno board 1 5v to 230VAC Relay module 1 Fan

Thank you so much.

A keypad to enter the times.

A rtc to give you the time.

(obviously) a psu or battery.

A display- perhaps a 16x2 LCD.


Ok great. I Thought i needed aomething extra . Thank you