Need help

Hello everyone
i have a code for RC522 RFID that read RFID cards.
when i read cards i take result like a picture i added here. i want result be like text that i added.
can anyone help me please.

rfid.ino (1.51 KB)

New Text Document.txt (25 Bytes)



Serial.write(buffer2[i] );

First, use a better thread topic. You are posting here because you need help, we know that so making that your thread topic, don’t help.

Second post your code in-line in the thread. We are here to help, so making someone download an attachment that could just be put in the thread doesn’t help us help you.

Finally, you are declaring this

byte buffer2[8];

but using it like this…

for (uint8_t i = 0; i < 16; i++) {
    Serial.write(buffer2[i] );

You have only 8 elements in the array, but you are trying to access 16. That may not be the problem, but it certainly doesn’t look right.