Need ideas for low power liquid release trap door

Hey, All
I am planning to build a safety system for one of my projects.
The idea is to release a mechanism (latch or door ) from which a liquid (20ml)/powder(5g) will be released to neutralise the reaction below the door.

Looking for ideas in terms of small overall size and less power consumption. This will be powered with a battery. If I can activate the mechanism with Arduino directly it would be great.
Please do give me a shout if you have any ideas or need more information

Nothing to worry about reactions or heat. For ex: 20ml of alcohol will be stored in a sealed chamber. This will be released when needed to kill bacteria straight below the chamber. It can be either alcohol or powered chemical which does exact same thing. Plan is to make a portable device of size 10cm X10cm X 10cm, so can't use bulky things.


Fill a wash bottle with your liquid.

Add a second hole that connects to a mini in pump.

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Not knowing the reactions this is a bit difficult to answer.
You will get better advise if you provide more information. Intended reaction(s) and chemicals used.
Will you dissolve the powder into the liquid? If so can that solution remain mixed on its on?
The answer can be radically different based on the chemicals, heat of the reaction, VOCs, yadda yadda yadda.
In general I'd say pouring out a glass vial might be one method to consider, though your post indicates that you might be using a reaction vessel? Possibly sealed?

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Thanks Larry. This would be bulky to use.

pouring out a glass vial by this you mean, some mechanism to break glass vial when needed ?

Actually, I just meant for you to pour it.
Without those details there's no way to understand if this or any other suggestion will be helpful

I now see your edits.
You just need a solenoid valve that is certified for isopropanol or whatever alcohol you are using.
connect it to a capped tube sticking up from the top with the gated side going into your chamber.
A simple button will do for a manual dump. Will you need a sensor to monitor for a reason to dump or will they all be done manually?

Alcohol is VERY flammable.


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