Need Large LED Matrix

Hi Arduino people,

I have just received my first Arduino kit . I am very keen to get into the dark side as I come from using a picaxe which I find extremely useful. So I am making my way through the basics to learn the language.

Anyway. I have a project which I have built around the picaxe, after seeing what the Arduino can do I wish to replace 4 large LED segments with a matrix board, around 350mm x 120mm . That way I can scroll all wonderful stuff as well as a countdown. Any suggestions.

Something like this .

Get one or two of those boards and drive them from an Arduino:

Either one of the two 16-pin male sockets can be used to connect drive board, which powers the 32*8 LED, as well as send data and control signal in a SPI-like mode.

Thanks CrossRoads, I did see that, however it is still below the size I am after.I would like to use the SPI mode as well.

Make your own matrix, common anodes across, common cathodes down. Use high source current shift registers to drive the anodes in parallel and high sink current shift registers to drive the cathodes one column at a a time

SPI.transfer( ); to load up all shift registers.

Or, use 8x8 modules with MAX7219's built in, bank them up as big as you want.

Or, wire up your own like I did with a duemilanove to drive max7219s This was early code, looked pretty good scrolling at 40 to 50mS hold time per position.

The 8x8 (60mm) look ideal thanks. I am using the max7219 on my current seven segment. The only issue I will run into is that the time clock I am using it on is battery driven by a 12v 7Ah battery, I am already driving two large led seven segments and this will drain the battery in no time given they are around 500mA each. But.... I may have to switch back to a mains driven circuit to get the nicer things in life!

To give you an idea this is what I have already made (similar to this), mine are unique in that they are totally wireless and mains free.

Thanks for a few good ideas.