Need mechanical item

I’m using this 68-pin SCSI connector in a project

Anybody know how I might find a flate face plate for it? The connector will be installed on a PCB, and then the faceplate attached to an enclosure wall with a larger opening, allowing me some wiggle room as I align everything up.

Think faceplates on the end of your desktop PC video card. I don’t need fancy L-shape like that, but some kind of plate with SCSI connector size opening. If L-shape is the only option, I can hammer flat and hack saw to size.
Need 10 of these overall, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time cutting & filing these out if I can purchase one.


Old external SCSI harddrive? Or CD-ROM drive? Do you have a second hand computer store nearby? (There's one a few miles from me. If I get time I'll run by.)

I can't help with the question, but I remember when I had to use SCSI that even with perfectly matched connectors and cables properly mated it was fantastically unreliable and we were forever swapping kit out. If you do find a faceplate I'd encourage you to check they don't compromise the pin engagement - those pins are pretty short as I recall.

I'm buying new PCB connectors and new cables.
I need repeatibility & purchasability.
I think one of these 68-pin faceplates may be what I'm after, took a while of searching to figure out a search term:

9200-9 looks like the right one?

They appear to be matched.