Need mentor for the brain damaged

I am writing here due to me having questions and people thinking that when you say brain damage, means that somone can just read and understand.

I only understand if I screw up and someone explains to me the correct way to do things these days, from the two I understand how I screw up. My ability to read and do is done. I am not stupid by anymeans I just need help from time to time understanding what is going wrong. A mentor, tutor I can call on when needed.

I have posed questions before explaining that I have brain damage, former millwright, motorcycle accident victim, and trying to expand my brain power so I do not loose it. Though I lost IQ from the accident I am still quite intelegent and want to learn because I have projects that require me to learn programming. I am just a little deficient. Though humble about it, I just need someone that unlike others will not just expect me to read and learn, but rather mentor me. If this is possible, let me know.

I am just tired of people thinking the disabled should stay that way, I want to be better for me and my family and this could be a way to do it.


I’m not sure if any one volunteer here has the time to devote to mentor anyone, maybe there is :thinking:

Saying this, there are lots here, combined together, that will help explain the why of things.

Have fun !

Problem is, all we can do here is write. So everything here you would have to read. So if your "read and do" is done, maybe it would be a rare case where I would recommend YouTube.

This be the problem, youtube is a great resource for me, but when I screw us code, and don't know why, and can not find the answer then I am screwed, and rude people that have replied to my posts basically say screw it move on, and that was never what this forum was supposed to be about. I just need someone to explain how I went wrong, in simple terms, but I guess that this is not the place. oh well, better myself without help as usual. I tell yeah, people so worried about their time and not the time others spend screwing up and not knowing why. open source, but only if you know things. thats what this forum is. I have found out. oh well hope you all the best.

I read the replies to your other topics and did not see anyone being rude.
I would suggest that you look for an online tutor through one of the many tutoring services available through a google search.

I don't think you'll find a better place to get help that this forum. If someone posts a rude response, flag it, and, odds are, they'll get a warning from the admins. Otherwise, just ignore them. Sadly, there are a-holes everywhere these days. But, after a while, you might well establish a relationship with someone willing to provide 1:1 help off-line. I don't see that happening before anyone gets to know you.

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You'll get help here for sure.

Regardless of your condition, you probably also need to do the same thing as all beginners do: start with small projects and build solid foundations.

I've read your other post and it's already pretty advanced (multiple devices, interrupts, ...). Give yourself more attainable goals and with time you'll progress.

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It's a shame such things happen. My brother was in an accident and it severely affected his mental capability. I feel for you.

I suggest when you have a question just ask for help working out the solution. I wouldn't mention anything about the accident or where your are with exercising your mental capability. Just ask.

There are many posters who are new and completely clueless (I was one once). There are people more advanced that just need a "2nd pair of eyes". So you shouldn't feel alone in whatever situation you are in.

As for rude folks, unfortunately there are some less understanding people everywhere. My mother used to say "... consider the source and ignore the remark..". Their problem should not be yours.

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Why should a volunteer worry about someone else's time? Volunteer contributions are a free gift. There is an old saying, "never look a gift horse in the mouth". Lack of courtesy is a different thing, there isn't any good excuse for that. Sometimes someone who has flights of fancy needs most of all to be grounded... a bare statement of fact might be seen as an aggression, where it's really a push in the right direction.

Unfortunately I have been a bit snarky when I'm in a bad mood. Usually they get canceled before posting but unfortunately a few get through. I'll assume others have the same affliction.

I hope folks don't let these few get them down.

I think, like reply #7. Everyone learns better by progressing gradually through exercises that they can complete successfully so they have a foundation to continue. Trying to rush past that is a recipe for failure. If you have some mental difficulties, that principle is all the more important.

Perhaps you could find a makers group in your area. They tend to be quite helpful and you could eve get face to face contact/help.
Another source of help here in Australia are the main suppliers of components have what appear to be good support services.

Sorry, it has taken me so long to respond, between doctors, kids, and life it has been hard this last week to get on. Thank you for the words of encouragement. it means a lot t me that there are those that are willing to help. Though my projects seem too high a point for my particular skill level (which is none) If you never shoot for the stars, you never land on the moon. I push myself and for those that do not understand, though reading is difficult, discourse is not, this is found in different ways, but through talking with others and seeing examples of how I went wrong I learn. I learn from failure. Everyone does. but for someone to point it out is the key.

For the man with a brother in a similar situation, you have actually given me the idea to start a Youtube channel that is dedicated to self-learning. Not only for my projects, for a way to communicate with this community and to use all avenues and available resources to teach others as well about people like us. This will require much of me to edit and hope to have people on to explain and go over things so that it becomes simple for children and those that are needing it in more simple terms. I know I do sometimes. I am disabled, not broken. This is my motto.

And, yes. I do take things wrong at times, and it frustrates me to the point of wanting to give up, no this will never happen as I am too stubborn. It just takes a while in order to get back on track. But I think being able to get that all out in an open way will help me. Also, be able to include the help that I received to help others. A simple approach to learning new things.

Thank you all again, and anyone that once set up would love collaborators for projects that teach and help all.

You all have a great day

you probably need to shoot for the moon if you hope to land on the moon :slight_smile:

it took 11 missions (up to Apollo 11) and 8 years of hard work (by seasoned engineers + lessons learnt from Mercury) to make it a reality... They did not try to land on the moon on the first trial. So take it easy, one step at a time

This is so important.

Before building a tower, you must first construct the foundation.

Here is a tutorial which was helpful for me:

You know, as a millwright I know more than most of the meaning of a powerful foundation, but also as the only one here with the ability to lose months and years of your life in a single second, I will tell you that the stars are all I have to dream about.

Yep they shot for the moon to hit the stratosphere... I think that should be brought to perspective as well. We push ourselves at our level, but if we push our dreams past our knowlege and ability the moon is what we get. What I am saying is yes maybe I seem over ambitious, but I know how I learn now, and from the begining is how I forget. but by pushing myself past the begining and plunging in is how I learn the begining. It may seem stupid, but I have to work wiht what I have, as all my foundations have been torn down, with no chance to rebuild them the way that they were or normal peoples are. Though I work with what I have, I will do what I do and if I get help along the way , great, if not, well I don't.

That is not to say there are not those out there that are not willing to help, just that I have found many that think I should just ask questions as if I was normal. I am not and people need to know that I am not, yes they piss me off from time to time, but I need a little different help than most. I konw it not asshamed of it. it is what it is... Anyway I am working on my blog, turning the book I was writing about my experiances and the falicies about peoples beliefs about my conditions. and turning it into a blog instead. Thank you people here. Though I do not know how to make one I am working at learning and though it will be simple, it will include little learning projects having to do with arduino, for others to learn, but also for me to remember, for when we teach we learn, even when we teach the air.

From your writings, think it’s a good assumption you are capable of doing this stuff, at least to a certain level.

Start small, ask how to do something if you run into problems.
Make notes, build on what you learn, test yourself and grow a thick skin.

All of this is just rules, rules that need to be followed, computers have no reasoning.

Start now.

YouTube has many good videos.

Show us a picture of your small hand tools that you have and can use.
What electronic test equipment do you have ?
What Arduino do you have ?
What other electronics parts do you have ?


LarryD, Being a millwright I have about every hand tool known to man, from soldering iron to small end mill. I still have use of my hands, though fine motor skills are lacking. I have been doing wiring on vehicles and ATVs for about 20 years in my spare time so learning wiring diagrams is easy but complicated as I do not know the legends.

I do start small, I am currently working on a book by Jeremy Blum (you should see the notes along the edges and highlights) that is well received as a great tool. it has videos and such but does a good way of explaining coding. (problem is I still do not understand how to make code from scratch) Something to work on.

Far as hardware, I have a few unos, a few pro mini esp8266, micros esp8266, and access to just about anything really. Perf boards, resister sets, working on more parts and such for projects. I also have 12v to 5-volt adapters, 3.3v power regulators, solar adapters and cells, more scrap electronics that I have collected over the years, etc. though most of my stuff has been the old way and not using code, therefore I have started a new path, but with notable disability in this arena, as part of my ability to remember and understand is limited and repetitive in nature, but nothing worth having is not worth the effort.

Yes I get frustrated easy as when you loose your life and have to start from scratch it is not an easy thing, and part of that is the control over emotion is gone, so I get pissed off easy and when people cause me stress i have negative reaction, and no the medication does not help it just is what it is. Though I am working on it, for years... Anyway I know this is a bit long but I wanted to make sure I got back to you as you asked questions.

Sounds like you just need to master the basics in programming and you’ll be off to the races.

The electronics forum link below might stir some juices/enthusiasm.
There are quite a few posts in the thread, not all of them will be applicable but am sure you’ll find some interesting.

You’ll do just fine in the hobby.

I suggest that you figure out what learning methods you think will work for you and then use them to have a go at some basic projects.

You will find that just about the only folks who don't get help here are the "Do my homework for me" types. Since that clearly isn't you, try something, anything and post whenever you get stuck.