Need micro code urgent, test led and button

People, i need test if button are working in my pcb, but not have know still do code, pleasy make an microcode to i generate hex here.

PIN LED ARE 7 and A5
Pin Button are A4, A0, 4, 0

If Click in pin XXXX , led in pin HIGH, IF NOT, pin LOW

if click in A4, led in 7 ON , else LOW off
if click in A0, led in 7 ON else LOW off

if click in 4, led in A5 ON else LOW off
if click in 0, led in A5 ON else LOW off



Generally we help people to write their own code here. If you want to pay someone to write code for you then that is something some forum members might be willing to do.

If you want to know if a button is working, would it not be easier / faster to measure the button with a multimeter?

Indeed - use your multimeter to see whether the button works. That way you can at least quickly narrow down the problem (Button broken? Wiring not good? Code error?) Do you have pull-up resistors in place or INPUT_PULLUP selected for the button pins?