need microSD socket eagle library

I need an eagle pcb library for microSD card socket, preferably with the notch on the pcb like this. I can probably create the library, but I don't know how to make the pcb notch. Is that done on the dimension layer? thanks.

Yes, it's done on the dimension layer. Library?

I'm using sd-mmc.lbr I found by google search that has the socket outline on tPlace layer. I don't know if I'm going to be able to add the cutout on dimension layer properly, and I'm not sure if pcb makers will actually make the cutout on the pcb. For now, I just position the sd socket on the edge of the pcb. I still would like it better if I can do it like how it is done in the micro sd module picture.

Hi! I provide you a link where you can download de library of this socket microsd.

I used that initially, then I found this

which I think is more accurate that that one. Notice on the DE1594 library, the pads are not spaced uniformly and does not have the tPlace outline.

You can also use the milling layer for the cutout. If for example the edge is v-cut, you should use the milling layer. The best way is to contact the PCB manufacturer they will tell you exactly how you should do it.

Hello, I need the same module. Anibody has the Eagle library for this module (I mean, the board of the picture, for the micro SD). Regards.

Does anyone have that library with exactly same with the picture? urgently needed.