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Hi everyone, my first post here, I hope I chose the right topic.
So, I am trying to create a gnss raw data datalogger with esp32 and I was looking the sparkfun library, in the examples of how to write the data on the SD card, the code asks for 16KBytes of ram (I guess its actually 16KBytes for the buffer) and I searched a little on the web and found that the esp32 I am using only have 32 bytes for that.
So, is that information right? can I make it big enough through code? if not, is there any recommendation of boards to use in this project?

the code isn't originally made for esp32, i am trying to adapt it. here is the code:

post the link.

The ESP32 SPI API can send 32 bit packets at a time. Many 32 bit packets can be sent The ESP32 buffers the data to be sent and received in a Queue. You can describe your own Queue. A ESP32 WROVER has 4MB+, depending on model, of extra RAM. The Arduino IDE is limited to only addressing 4MB of WROVER PSRAM. The ESP32 API has a freeRTOS extension, Ring Buffer FreeRTOS Supplemental Features - ESP32 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide latest documentation, that can be assigned to the ESPWROVER's PSRAM.

You might delve deeper into the code, all posted on-line, on how the ESP32CAM stores an image to PSRAM.

Under the ESPRESSIF IDF, more than 4MB of PSRAM can be accessed.

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