Need more output than 5V pin (Noob Question)

Hi all, I tried the search function but wasn't sure exactly what to look for.

I'm working on a project that requires more output than 5V can provide. I'm running an OLED, DFRobot Huskylens, a handful of FETs, switches, and the like. I thought about using an external 5V regulator, but am having trouble with some grounding issues. Any advice?

Provide clarification

more output than 5V can provide

This sentence suggests you need more POWER (Watts*), which according to Mr Ohm, is derived from Volts and Amps.

You suggest the 5V is constant, so, you'll need a handful of Amps, or enough millAmps, to ‘power’ the switches and other stuff.,

Post your circuit diagram as built, and we may be able to help.

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Actually, it suggests that the poster has discovered either by reading or by trial and error, that the "5V" pin on an Arduino (with certain exceptions) is not in any way usable as a source of 5 V.

So you need a regulated 5 V power supply - a USB "phone charger" is often the easiest source - connected to supply the "5V" pin and ground as well as to all the other 5 V devices.

It is advised for a UNO to disconnect the "5V" pin (but of course, not the ground) whilst connected to a PC.

All grounds connect together - what other problems might you have?

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This! Exactly. So how do I go about that? Just a 5v regulator and a couple caps?

What is your input voltage and how much current output at 5V do you need?

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