Need one person to contact directly to help with my sketch.

I'm new to the C++ Programming world but I do know a little bit of programming. I just need one person to guide me through the basics of what I need to do. I mainly have triggers and relays. If someone would please be willing to help, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

  • Jason

Look in the examples section of the IDE. Run a few. Modify them and see what happens.

When you've spent quite a few hours on that, by all means get back to us with specific questions.

Or sign up to a college course for more formal training.



The whole forum is here to help persons with their problems.

What YOU want is a personal instructor/consultor.

Why are you not asking for FREE BEER?

Sure no worries! You can do this!

Lesson 1. Open the IDE. Go to the examples. Run them. Play with them.

extra credit: google "C++ tutorial" and do the first few lessons.

That will be $50 bucks.