need paid help with arduino project


I am working with an organization that's writing a proposal for a grant that involves Arduino development. Briefly, the design will let users explore computer interface settings via physical sliders, switches, and knobs instead of using on-screen controls.

Right now we need help writing up the technical work plan for the proposal. Although I've done some Arduino programming, I did it all by the seat of my pants. The funding source (which we have a really good shot at -- high probability) needs to see something more formal -- steps of creating requirements, stages of coding, testing, whatever. That section needs to be about 10 pages, and we can pay by the page or for the basics, however you prefer.

Then when we get funded (~June), we will want you to work with our small, friendly team to do the actual coding. We have other people who can help with the hardware integration. I will share more details with you when you reply.

Please let me know what you've worked on before, and a sample of your writing -- doesn't have to be formal, but must be in good English. Thanks in advance.


As part of the services that I offer to my clients one of them is project mentoring, helping with hardware design and software development. Part of this process involves writing up a project plan and describing the expected deliverables etc.

We usually have regular meetings on Skype to discus any blocking problems or changes to the original plan.

If this is fitting in with what you are trying to do them feel free to drop me an email to and if you have the time take a quick look at me website where you can see some of my past and current projects.

Cheers Pete.