Need pin out or datasheet for IEE3785R


I have a 2 digit multi-segment LED labeled IEE3785R 8504 3 that I'd like to get working with my Arduino.

Unfortunately when I google, I'm not finding a data sheet for it. Are pointers to same (or just the pin outs) would be much appreciated.


I'm going to assume that it's a common-cathode pair. I'm not too great with these displays yet, but if you could take a picture of the bottom that might help some.

What I would do, is get a resistor, I'd say 1k just to be good. Connect the ground of the Arduino to a probe, use a jumper wire, and one to the 5v, and start probing. Put 5v with the 1k resistor on a pin, and the ground on another pin. The ground (IF its a common cathode) once you find it, just keep the ground there, and start probing with the 5v!

It looks like it may be bottom pins = left digit, top pins right digit? Again, hard to tell! Wish I could be more help, but best of luck!:D

Hi CaptainObvious,

Here's a picture of the bottom:

I think pin 1 is the one closest to the bottom of the .jpg (because of the location of the two decimal points). It's just working out which are the two cathodes.

You're right, I should probably just start probing away.


A google search for "IEE3785R" returns a link to a datasheet on the very first page.


Can you be a bit more specific?
I’ve followed many of those search results, but I never have
gotten to a PDF (or whatever) for a data sheet.


Ah, found it!

I like using octopart for these types of searchs.

Unfortunately I was only able to get IEE378 to come up.