Need pointer to RF reciever control of Relay

I have Homeassistant platform switch sending a RF load via a Sonoff rf bridge. Below is the console output that i see in sonoff . The part which says "Data" is the payload that is being delivered to RF reciever. The Data is hexadecimal.

17:03:36.098 MQT: tele/rf-bridge/RESULT = {“Time”:“2021-09-10T17:03:36”,“RfReceived”:{“Sync”:7640,“Low”:270,“High”:750,“Data”:“768858”,“RfKey”:“None”}}

With help of this Data load i need to control a relay. I have seen several discussion on use of rc-switch library but not able to use code in any way... can some one help. I am using a Adruino nano with a RF receiver.

Can some one help please!!

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The terminology You use makes no sense.

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