Need port-to-pin reference for Leonardo

The ATmega32u4 has ports b, c, d, & e. I need a reference source that shows how these ports/bits connect to the Leonardo I/O pins.


Here you go:

Thank you for that map. I was hoping it would have something like PORTE, bit x - Leonardo Digital Pin x. I am trying to get enough info for direct pin manipulation of the ports for speed.

It does have that information. It's just abbreviated. Each of the IO pins is labeled like PE6. That means PORTE, bit 6. From the diagram, you can see that PE6 is Arduino pin 7

Thank you Per

You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy! Per

You are always a big help. I am playing around with a variety of things Arduino, different boards,different attached devices. Wherever I get stuck, you seem to know the answer. Not only that, but you are very courteous and work to educate with your responses. A lot of folks could learn from your example.

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