Need Potentiometer PC Interface and Data Logging (Maybe?)


So, I need a continuous rating from a dial that reads on my computer from a scale of 0-100. I am unfamiliar with electronics but from what I am gathering I need a potentiometer, a knob, some kind of board through which the potentiometer can communicate with the computer, and a way to store the data. I am going to poke around the internet some more to see if I can find anything similar to what I want to put together but I guess what I need to know is whether or not I am on the right track/what components am I missing/etc…I want to be able to make a list of steps that have to be taken to put this together.

Any help would be appreciated

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Simple pot connected to an Arduino, and USB cable from Arduino to PC, will get you 0-5V data from pot represented in digital form as 0-1023. One leg of 10K pot connects to 5V, the other the Gnd, the middle/wiper connects to A0.

How the PC reads that and logs it, I don't know. I've not done more than watch it scroll by in the serial monitor. Could be this simple on the Arduino side:

void setup(){
Serial.begin (115200); // set serial monitor to match
void loop(){
// read pot & send out
Serial.println (analogRead(A0) );  // read pot, send to PC as 0-1023, CR-LF (so one line per integer)
delay (100); // 100 millisecond delay  between readings (~10 times a second).  Change as needed

is there a specific Arduino that would work best for what I am attempting to accomplish?

Any one that has a USB interface will do.