need program

i need a help for program of "automatic room light controller with bidirectional counter"

as there are two sensors , when sensor1 cuts first and then sensor2 the counter should increment and decrement for vice versa,need to show display on lcd also..
help urgent

not enough to go on.
sensor ?
code ?
overall idea?

Sounds like an assignment.


"Help" on this forum means you go first and supply the code and circuitry that you have so far. Then you either:

  • Provide compilation error messages if it didn't compile, or
  • Explain where it's going wrong if it compiled and uploaded.

Then members who can, will help.

"Help" does not mean "please do my work for me"......

PS, if you haven't got to the circuit / code stage, at least post your thoughts on how you think you might proceed, perhaps with block diagrams of circuitry and pseudo-code, and ask for help on the concept.