Need programmer to code I2C interface code

I am looking for a person able to interface an Arduino Uno with an Omron D6T IR sensor. All code once project is complete will be the property of the employer. This is project based.
The system we are looking to develop will consist of :
An I2C code interface for Omron D6T-8L-06 for which will need to monitor differences between the different zones in the array. If a difference greater than 10 degrees F is detected an output will be set to high.

The system will include up to 7 digital inputs that that when all inputs are triggered, a timer of 15 seconds will start before it reads the sensor to look for any temperature difference.
While the timer is counting down if any of the inputs are set to not met, the system will stop the count down and will restart once all the inputs are triggered again.

Once the countdown has reached zero, the program must monitor the Omron sensor for temperature delta for 3 minutes. Once the 3 minutes pass, the system shuts down until reset input (one of the 7 inputs) is made.

I am looking for bids please contact me through PM if you are interested. Thank you

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