Need programmer

Sorry that my post is probably in the wrong section. But I would like to know where to go to get Arduino Programmers looking for work. I need a good Arduino programmer but I don’t know where to look.

The programming would be for Arduino Pro Mini board coupled to a MPU 6050 to allow Auto Leveling of a table using 4 linear actuators, and the other for Auto Leveling tab control on a boat.The controller would have manual up/down jog for each actuator and auto reset for setting the level position. Then the table would return to the set position when the auto level button is engaged, alos a similar setup for Auto Leveling tab control on a boat. I’m including a sketch of the control pane for each of the 2 controllers I need programing for.

Hopefully you can help.
Please advise.

You are in a place where you can indeed find developers

Your image to make it easy for your readers:

What’s the budget?

Sounds like an interesting project but really hard without access to the actual hardware (the table & actuators), so before programming can really start I'd have to find the actuators and build a table with it...