Need Programming: Single Pot Bi-Dir 12VDC Motor w/limit Switches

Looking for someone who can do a little custom Arduino programming for a small project. Remote or local is fine. Paid.

I need:

Bi-direction control of a 12VDC brushed motor via a single 20k rotary pot (where 0% pot rotation is full motor speed one direction, 50% is full stop, 100% pot rotation is full motor speed in the opposite direction).

Need two NC limit switch circuits - one for each direction of the motor. Also need an adjustable (via coding) speed ramp associated with the limit switches: hit a limit switch ramp the motor RPM down from wherever it's at to 0 (in specified milliseconds?)

One full stop NC switch circuit (not a master power switch or a ramp down function - just full stop in an open circuit state).

What I have:

-12VDC brushed motor
-Arduino Uno (current version)
-SyRen 25 motor controller (by Dimension Engineering)
-20k 3-pin rotary pot with spring loaded centering (snaps to 50% if untouched)
-NC limit switches

I'm not an Arduino programmer, but I can mod and upload files. Please let me know if you're interested and we'll go from there. Thanks very much.

2zipzoomfly // gmail