Need Project HELP!!

OK, I have searched and searched, but I can't seem to find any good resources for the project I am wanting to do, so here it is.
I want to build a custom MIDI foot switcher which will have 18 SPST soft touch foot switches that will send ONLY program changes to an effects processor. It needs to have a BANK UP and BANK DOWN button as well.

I want 2 independent 7" color graphic displays. The first will display pictures with text (i.e. button #, midi patch number and preset name) and will correspond to the foot switch that is active. Each foot switch will have an indicator led. The 2nd display will be for a dedicated guitar tuner display, but will only be active when the DPDT switch (to activate the tuner circuit) is pressed. Also, upon power-up, I want the displays to raise up to an angle from a recessed resting location, and return to the resting position up power down. I will use a Highly Liquid DIY Instant MIDI board, and plan on having an Arduino Leonardo to run each display and servo. One will handle the leds and the other will handle the tuner.
I cant figure out how to connect the displays, and I cant figure out how to get the tuner circuit to display (in a usable format) on the display. I am a newby and could REALLY USE SOME HELP!!

Do you have any particular displays in mind - the larger one's are almost always
video-in rather than framebuffer displays, probably necessitating a graphics controller
of some sort.

You are more likely to get people skilled in what you want to do, if you use a subject line related to your actual question. Imagine everyone just said "Help me!" or some variation?