Need prototype PCB design and shield fab. Paying Gig.

I have working examples of all the independent functions I want and the number of wires and shields stacked up makes it the package as unwieldy as a Buick. I would like them integrated as much as possible into a single proper PCB. This is using the Due. The final product will need to mount over the face of the Arduino like any common shield. I'm already using the back side for the display. The unit will need to include an array of environmental and attitude sensors and will need to provide pin-outs for cables that will go to some powered external components and external sensors, 2 of which need to be on/off switched. It will be powered by its own power source to the extent possible. The Arduino itself and the display will use a separate power source.

PM me if you're interested and capable. You'll need PCB fab capability and expertise in circuit design. This is a paying gig. We can discuss rates and compensation options when the time comes. Confidentiality is a must. This will not be open sourced. You will have a good bit of freedom in the design. You'll need to be able to provide some minimal coding assistance insofar as enabling me to read the raw sensor data in as straightforward a way as possible. Most of that should be limited to specifying which pin goes to which sensor.

whereabouts are you on the planet? I'm assuming it is this planet?!? since you want hardware - is physical proximity a) desirable? b) not an issue? c) to be avoided at all costs?

I am interested btw!

Located in San Francisco bay area. Physical proximity to my location is a complete non-issue. I would subtly prefer someone in the continental USA but that's a matter of really very little importance. Italy would do just as well. ;)

Skills and capability are the factors I care about.