Need purchasing advice for stepper motor project...


I am trying to determine which board and shield (if needed) I will need to complete this project...

I would like to power a a stepper motor with a step angle of less than 1 degree @ ~5-10v.

There will also be a selector switch to alternate between various rotation mode. Eventually, I would like to replace this switch with 2 buttons to adjust the modes.

An lcd will read out the mode in addition to % of completion (based on # of rotations).

I am a little green and figure I will just jump into it... just need some advice as to what board, shield and etc to pick up!

I would recommend that you preview the many stepper motor tutorials and then pick ASN Arduino (and shield if required) to mimic what you require. There is simply such an abundance of items in this category that my recommendation is to review the options online.