Need Raw Code of Hex (IR)

Some time ago i used IR Recievers and stuff to control Leds via a Remote. I got 2 Strips (One of them is a 10m Strip of WS2811) and the other is soem cheap Strip that only communicates via its IR reciever. I got the Hex Values saved on a Text file but i didnt save the Raw version. (Lost the remote)

What im trying to do now is to send my Signal directly into the IR in line of the first stip (It has a little Box on that cable that handles all that)

My Plan is to try and send the Raw code via DigitalWrite() since sendRaw would modulate the stuff id try to send.

As example heres the Data for "ON" command of the Strip when i used the IR

irsend.sendNEC(0xF7C03F, 32); // (Light goes On)

Is there any way i can convert the Hex into the needed Raw data to send it over DigitalWrite() ?
Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Update: Found another Remote with the same Signals got the Raw Data now.

I could be wrong, but I think the "hex code" is a hash of the raw code. There's information loss in a hash, so it's not normally reversible.

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